Kieserhund German Shepherds

Kieserhund Dogs and Kids

Welcome to my Photo Album.
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Are Kieserhund dogs bred to be with children?

you betcha they are

These are some of the dogs in their family environment

Kieserhund Barossa Pearl
We start the socialization period with kids right from the beginning.
My ownn 4 dogs out walking with my 2 boys,Kieserhund Zahara(Roxy),Sannjesa High Flyer(Bungee),Kieserhund Ku De Ta(Kuda),Kieserhund Barossa Pearl(Panzer)always keeping a close eye on the kids.
Kieserhund Amazing Grace with her owner Chloe and Dr Harry
Kieserhund Fire Cracker (Jodie) with her four legged kids LOL
Kieserhund Flying Zues with Jayden
Kieserhund Henschke Red with Suzy
Kieserhund Henchke Red with Suzy and Nana
Kieserhund Henschke Red and Yola with buddy Jack
Kieserhund I'll Be Back with his big kid Amy haivng a snooze
Kieserhund Im a Bond Girl with her family including Maggie the beagle
Keiserhund Im a Little Devil with his buddy
Kieserhund Jack Daniels, having a dip with his mate
Kieserhund Jessies Girl with her new family
Kieserhund Just Azziam giving the lick of approval
Kieserhund Just Diamonds welcoming a visitor to her garden
Kieserhund Kashmir Dream lapping up the love
Kieserhund Kashmir Dream with her buddies
Kieserhund Kashmir Dream keeping an eye on the kids on the tramp
Kashmir Dream all grown up and still keeping an eye on the kids on the tramp
Kieserhund King Charlie, after desexing with his bucket on his head :(
Kieserhund King Charlie just lounging about
kieserhund Marchana Joy with her two grandkids
Kieserhund Memphis Belle with Jack
Kieserhund Memphis Belle, Jack and Kieserhund Quixoti
Kieserhund Memphis Belle keeping watch
Kieserhund Only Prada with her family Claire, Tait and Morgan
Kieserhund Krystal Myth, even Kieserhund dogs play dress ups.
Kieserhund Menoke Man with his family
Kieserhund Quantum Leap giving Zane a kiss
Kieserhund Natural Diva out boating with the family
Kieserhund Quantum Leap who is a superhero to his mate Zane
Kieserhund Barossa Pearl and her daughter Kierserhund Ku De Ta keeping an eye on the boys.
Kieserhund Ku De Ta with her babies, happy to have a visit from her friends the Weiers.
Kieserhund Vegas Show Girl with her furry kid
Kieserhund My Shadow with his little buddy Jack
Kieserhund New York Ruby with her family
Kieserhund Ophelia
Zena, Emily & Max......Zena makes a great pillow.
Kieserhund Venetian Skye, Kieserhund pups are so helpful they will even do the dishes
Kieserhund Mercedes Benz on holidays with the family
Kieserhund Oscar Wilde
Kieserhund Pot Belly off with the family for a drive
Kieserhund Quantum Leap ever so gentle
Kieserhund Night Stalker
Kieserhund Quintessential with Ben
Kieserhund Quintessential going for a slide
Kieserhund Quintessential with the twins and taking everything they dish out
kieserhund Quixoti with Jack
Kieserhund Raunchy Muma getting some lovin
Kieserhund Rich Velvet, just chillin
Kieserhund Rolls Royce, Kieserhund dogs are so smart they even get to graduate from class
Kieserhund Rommels Revenge, Kieserhund dogs are very clean....rubba dub dub Odin in a tub
kieserhund T Rex, just loves cuddles
Kieserhund Where's Wally, off to play with Jonathan



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