Kieserhund German Shepherds

More Dog Photo's

                                                                                The photo above is of

                                                                           Kieserhund Little Luger (Ruby)



  My best mate Panzer (Kieserhund Barossa Pearl)                            Kieserhund Aga Khan (Harry)       Kieserhund Kamakazi (Thor)


           Kieserhund Ima Lil Devil (Rex) and his mate           Kieserhund Henschke Red (Gracie)                                 Thor taking a dip


               Kieserhund Inspector Rex (Gunter)                                    The little Jackster                                  Kieserhund Quantum Leap (Luger)



                         Kieserhund Onyx N Gold (Xena)                                                              Kieserhund Queen Esther (Zoe)



                                                                            Kieserhund Quintessential (Zena) The perfect childs companion and protector.


                                   Kieserhund Quixoti (TJ)                                                                           Kieserhund Quo Vardis (Kearney)


                                       Kiro graduating from puppy school                                                             Misty and her pals


      Pendragan Rags T Riches (Rheba) the girl who started                                               Luger and her new owner Amanda (who's a spoilt girl eh!)
             Kieserhund breeding (still going at 11)

                                                                                           Luger playing on the farm after a swim


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