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In the 3 years I lived with Craig A Murray and his wife Tracey I was fortunate enough to gain invaluable knowledge on many facets of dog training including training assistance dogs for the disabled, medical response dogs, sniffer dogs and security patrol dogs. I was also fortunate enough to participate in many demonstrations and help with the training of Japanese students.

Here are a few photo's of assistance dog training and a security patrol dog demonstration at Qld Uni Oct 2003.




The german shepherd dog in the above photo's was rescued by a friend of Craig's in appalling condition.  He had no fur, he had heartworm and he was undernourished. The vet wanted to put him down. The decision was made to do what it would take to save him, as they saw there was something very special about him.

He recovered and was trained by Craig to do tracking, evidence search and protection work. He worked as Craig's patrol dog at Sanctuary Cove for many years with an outstanding work record,

He also participated in many demonstrations and expo's. Max was an extremely loyal dog with a true willingness to work.

Sadly about 3 months after these photo's were taken Max passed away in Craig's arms aged approximately 9 years.



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